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Over 10 000 rhino poached in South Africa during the past decade. 451 in 2021. 448 in 2022. 499 in 2023. Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked animal. Over 1 million pangolins poached in Africa during the past decade. That equates to one every five minutes.
By Fred Kockott

Innovative collaborations that help address wildlife crime in the Kruger area are to come under the spotlight this week.

Wildlife crime is complex, with no silver bullet as a solution.

It’s entangled in the very fabric of our society. But there are conservation success stories that need to be told, especially in the Greater Kruger area.


Could such success stories be replicated elsewhere in South Africa and beyond?


GKEPF chief executive Sharon Haussmann assists in moving rhino calves to orphanages after their mothers have been killed. (Photo: Supplied)