Fisher Foundation Africa

Over 10 000 rhino poached in South Africa during the past decade. 451 in 2021. 448 in 2022. 499 in 2023. Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked animal. Over 1 million pangolins poached in Africa during the past decade. That equates to one every five minutes.


The Fisher Foundation (NPC) is focused on education in conservation among rural communities living in close proximity to the national parks in South Africa through enterprising initiatives and solutions. We are proud of our traction and momentum with effective deliverables being achieved; which include meaningful community upliftment programmes where identified.

Richard Fisher is the founder and Executive Chairman of City Logistics and has over the past few decades contributed generously to the lives of the disadvantaged through his company’s CSI programmes. These programmes are well-established and will continue, however, he now intends to focus on conservation and community upliftment through his personal foundation.

He has brought together a team of like-minded people that share in his vision and who will grow the impact the foundation is set on achieving.


The Fisher Foundation will initiate and manage projects and programs responsibly and with good governance. Our mission will be to grow our partnerships and alliances with the objective of cultivating a shift in community mindsets towards conservation and empowering those who face socio-economic challenges with resourceful solutions.

There is, without question, an acute threat posed to a number of vulnerable species of wildlife in Africa and driving this change will translate into a more sustainable and prosperous future. The strident voice of collective agency will strengthen the deterrent against poaching and those who mastermind this scourge – which, left unchecked, will have disastrous consequences for mankind.

While retaining focus on these areas we will also explore opportunities to upskill communities in other currently under-resourced areas.

Goals & Targets

There are two identified spheres of focus:

Conservation Education

Community Upliftment