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Over 10 000 rhino poached in South Africa during the past decade. 451 in 2021. 448 in 2022. 499 in 2023. Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked animal. Over 1 million pangolins poached in Africa during the past decade. That equates to one every five minutes.

Conservation Education Camp

Pongola Game Reserve (24-26 May 2024)

Northern KZN, South Africa.

Conservation Education Camp

Pongola Game Reserve (24-26 May 2024)

Northern KZN, South Africa.

The Pongola Game Reserve Conservation Camp (24-26 May) was a resounding success. Grade 7 learners from the Mthekwini Community, which borders the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park in northern KZN, South Africa, enjoyed an immersive conservation education camp, hosted by the Fisher Foundation in collaboration with African Insight Academy.

The Fisher Foundation made good on fulfilling its vision of building a sustainable future where humans, creatures, and the environment are respected, valued, and nurtured. This camp provided a life-changing opportunity for these fenceline community children to learn from local experts, conservationists, and mentors, offering an educational experience beyond the traditional classroom setting. By engaging with the diverse natural world, they will begin to understand the critical role they play in shaping a sustainable future.

Camp Activities and Highlights

Rhino Conservation Experience:

The highlight of the camp was witnessing the darting and dehorning of a white rhino. This rare and unique opportunity allowed students from a fenceline community to observe cutting-edge conservation interventions aimed at saving this iconic threatened species. The experience was both sobering and inspiring, providing insight into the challenges and efforts involved in wildlife conservation.

Thank you to &Beyond and the Munyawana Conservancy for facilitating this experience. 

Experiential Learning Bushwalks and Game Drives:

Students participated in guided bushwalks and game drives, gaining firsthand experience of the local flora and fauna. These activities helped them appreciate the intricate ecosystems and the importance of preserving them.

Lake Jozini Boat Trip:

A boat trip was included where students observed crocodiles, hippos, and elephants in their natural habitats. This close encounter with wildlife was both thrilling and educational, emphasizing the importance of protecting these species and their environments.

Learning Activities:

In camp the students participated in a wildlife quiz and various activities focussed on understanding the significance of biodiversity and importance of maintaining healthy food webs.

Educational Impact

Throughout the camp, students learned about the delicate balance of ecosystems and the human impact on the environment. The combination of direct wildlife encounters and expert-led discussions opened their hearts and minds to the diverse world they live in. The camp emphasized the essential role young people will eventually play in building and shaping a sustainable future for all.

This transformative experience will leave a lasting impression on the students, instilling a sense of responsibility and a deeper understanding of conservation efforts. The knowledge and inspiration gained from this camp will undoubtedly influence their future actions and decisions regarding environmental stewardship.


Pongola Game Reserve Conservation Camp achieved its goal of providing a profound educational experience that extends beyond the classroom. By connecting students with nature and conservation experts, the camp nurtured this group of young individuals to be more aware and committed to preserving the environment. This initiative is a crucial step towards ensuring a sustainable future where all living beings are respected and valued.